Thursday, June 4, 2009

First Harvest

Cameron says...

Yesterday I harvested three square feet of kale, spinach, and mixed salad greens, and today I harvested more lettuce and six radishes! I'm a real farmer boy now! I cooked the kale by sawtaying (YOU spell sautee in the present imperfect tense--it's a FRENCH word. You can't put ING on it without RUINING it!) some garlic and onions with some chicken bouillon (also a French word--pronounced bwee-YAWN) and parsley, basil, and salt. Then I wilted the kale in the butter and its own water, and it was very very nice! My dogs liked it, and so did my kids! I made salad out of the greens from yesterday, and the greens and radishes from today are sitting in my fridge waiting for tomorrow.

This was her second bite. The look on her face says, "Daddy, daddy, I WANT IT!"

Mahonrimoriancumur the dog likes the kale dish...

...and so does McCoy the dog.

Benjamin didn't eat any kale. Well, his mom did, so technically he did too.

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