Thursday, January 12, 2012

Counting My Blessings

On the automotive front, I've had a great stroke of luck in the last few years. I have had cars falling into my lap from people around me who feel I'm deserving of a break. I also have a friend who is helping me get my Toyota (the one that overheated) repaired. That thing still gets 30 MPG, so if I can keep that one running, it's a great little car to have!

This friend also gave me his 99 Ford Taurus. Then at drill last weekend, my 1SG stood up in front of the unit and passed out forms to use to get a free National Guard license place. What great timing--I got a car and a free license plate in the same week!

I'm so grateful for the help that has come my way these past couple weeks. I know that God is providing for me and my family. When cars break down or the roof leaks, I know I don't need to worry because Heavenly Father knows exactly what I need. Everything is going to be okay. I should just take every challenge in life as an opportunity to learn how good he is and what I can do with his help.

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