Friday, July 10, 2009

Life Isn't ALL Bad!

Man, life is too good to be complaining all the time!

My cucumbers have started coming in! Emily and I have eaten one or two a day for the past four or five days. We also started eating the Dragontongue and Garden Variety beans, and, of course, our tomatoes have been beating down the door of the kitchen. Maddy LOVES our tomatoes, but they give her such horrible diaper rash. I feel bad for her, because I want to share them with her. I really think it's cute that a little one-year-old is so fond of tomatoes. She eats them like an apple, just like we do. I also feel bad for Em and myself, because we can't eat them around her unless we want her to get a rash. She will pitch a FIT if she doesn't get her tomatoes!

McCoy the Dog also likes our tomatoes. I found her chewing on one last night. I guess I can't trust her to stay out of the garden, so I'll have to start closing the gate more religiously.

This morning, my breakfast consisted of fresh beans, a cucumber, and a tomato--all hand picked from the garden. There is a confidence and reward that come with growing one's own food supply that can not be gained any other way.

You might be saying, "Why are you just now picking veggies out of your garden in July in California?" The answer is that as a first-time gardener, I have really had no idea what I was doing. I was shocked that seeds would sprout up and grow in my garden at all, let alone produce an abundant harvest! So...I delayed a little. I didn't even start until March, which is behind the power curve for Southern California. But my garden has been fruitful nonetheless.

We have a term for our tomatoes: "home made tomatoes." I was talking to Em on the phone about a tomato I was eating, and I called it a "home made" tomato rather than a "home grown" tomato. She thought I was cute, so that's what we call them now.

Benjamin cracked his first smiles this week! Emily has pictures on her phone. They will follow shortly.

Emily officially exited the Marine Corps on Wednesday. She is officially a stay-at-home mom, and I am officially more than 50% poorer than I was last month!

I have a job interview for a position as an assistant manager with QuikTrip on July 21st at 9:00 am. I feel I have a very good chance at getting this job. However, I will be prepared to take other interviews if necessary. I need to finish my CDL training by getting my class B and HazMat endorsements before I leave California.

Madeline French kissed me today! I was lying on the floor when I asked her for a kiss, and she bent over with her mouth wide open, stuck her tongue out and licked my lips, then bit me softly with her teeth as she pulled away--all in one motion as though she knew exactly what she was doing. I'm going to have to have a talk with her.

Corey is with his father and step-mother in Louisiana this week. He lost a tooth while he was there, but his sister spilled some soda on the table and washed it away--I guess onto the ground outdoors somewhere. So he lost his tooth in the most direct sense of the word as well. I miss him.

God lives. We are progressing along the correct path. We have each other and a knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Life is good.

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