Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Saggus Road--Our New Home!

One small signature for Em and giant leap for the Smith Family Homestead. We signed an acceptance on a counteroffer on 8 acres of land in Lincolnton, GA today! We are to purchase this land with a well, septic (which we won't use) and electricity in place for $30,000. There is no house on it, so we are going to save up for a couple years and build a small house that is expandable in future years. We are going to be living with my mother for a little while before we move out to the property or to our own house somewhere near her house while we are saving up some more money. However it works out, we are very excited about the prospect of owning our homestead property already!

I applied for a job with the QuikTrip Corporation online, and within an hour I had a call back from the hiring manager. It seems my previous experience with the company and possibly my military experience are in demand. This will be our main income until we become financially free and can move out to the property. The best part is that with a $30,000 property and saving to build a debt-free home, financial freedom looks much more like a quick walk to the end of the street than it did a cross-country trip just a few days ago! Also, if we get really serious and work really hard, we could buy a house for all cash in Georgia to live in between my mom's house and our final move to the homestead. 1500 square foot houses only 30 minutes north of the city of Atlanta are going for $50,000 now! That's not our main goal, but it is a pretty important sub-goal, I think, to be able to have our own place while we're working and saving toward our final move. So we'll see what happens.

We are planning to move by August 1 so we can rent out this house. That means we have to sell the entire inside of our house, touch up paint and carpet spots, get the sprinklers fixed and make the grass turn green again all in the next 18 days. We are going to be very busy. It is not going to turn out perfectly, but our end goal will be well worth the sacrifices.

One question remains: What will happen with Corey?

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