Saturday, May 30, 2009

Culinary Exploits

Cameron says...

Not much of a red-letter day today. I made whipped cream with heavy whipping cream and raw sugar, then again with cream and brown sugar. The raw sugar made the finished product taste closest to the whipped cream (non-dairy whipped topping) I have always eaten, but the brown sugar gave it a very attention-getting, very heavy taste. It was good--maybe an acquired taste--but I think I'll stick with non-brown-sugar whipped cream. Both versions taste way better than anything I’ve ever eaten out of a tub or a can.

I made horchata. I used basmati rice. It turned out better than any horchata I’ve made so far, but it tasted exactly like rice pudding. So...maybe less sugar or less cream or both. I’ll have to experiment.

I bought some millet and amaranth. I’m going to finally taste these two little rascally grains and see what comes to mind in terms of experiments. I’ll probably sprout some of both as well.

I read an article in the Feb/March edition of Mother Earth News magazine today about a man and his three grown children who grow over 3 tons of vegetable produce annually on a tenth of an acre. Needless to say, my homesteading dreams seem closer than I thought possible before. I do have a slightly different situation, however, in that I have small children who need a yard, and I have two dogs, and I am not exactly sure how long I will be staying on this piece of property.

I just watched the movie Valkyrie. It was really good. Very intense. It is “based on true events” about the 15th and final plot by Germans to assassinate Adolf Hitler. I always want to know just which parts of a movie like that are the true events and which ones portrayed have arisen out of the judicious usage of poetic license. Either way, this movie has reminded me of the need to study history outside of state-sponsored institutions.

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