Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Foodday's Bounty and Scavenging

Cameron says...

Yesterday I made some Zarathustra bread. In my reading, I have also seen it called Essene Flat Bread. It is simply sprouted wheat berries ground into dough and baked. It turned out very tasty, except that I need to use more oil or use a non-stick pan. A baking stone would be best.

I put some home made cheese on my homemade flat bread. The cheese I am referring to is the cheese I began two nights ago. It turned out well. The taste is very low-key. It’s not bland, but it could definitely use some herbs to get the party started.

Speaking of sprouting, I am reading a lot about it, and I am very excited to get sprouting as soon as I can—especially sunflower greens. Sunflower greens are the leaves and stems of the sprouted baby sunflower seed before it grows into a manly sunflower flower. I have read that they contain more whole protein than the body can assimilate. Whether that is whole protein or not I know not.

But I do know that raw milk costs $16 per gallon. I thought less processed food was supposed to cost less! At those prices, it would definitely be worth it to have a goat or a cow.

Tonight I went scavaging. It is the night before the garbage truck comes, and when the garbage truck comes, he brings his little friend, the green waste truck. Just look at my beautiful pile!

Now, I know I must be addicted to gardening because I have resorted to prowling about after dark with the intent to take other people’s waste products without them knowing it. But hey, if those people wanted their grass clippings and palm frond trimmings, they wouldn’t have put them in cans on the curb, right? And the garbage company sure doesn’t need it. They’d love to not have to do their job but still get paid, right? I mean, I didn’t sign a contract with the trash company stating that they could take my green waste and use it to make a profit somewhere else, so nobody else probably did either, right? So I’m not really stealing from anyone. Besides, I’m more than willing to share the beautiful bounty my garden is going to produce with all the compost I’m going to make out of my harvested green waste. So not only am I completing the nutrient cycle by returning what came from the ground back to the ground, I am completing the cycle of good will by returning stolen grass clippings to other people in the form of produce.


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  1. I'm all for scavenging. Here in Oklahoma they do bulky garbage pick up once a month and you can put out old furniture or other large items that don't fit in your can to be picked up by the trash company. It's amazing how many people you see going through other people's piles of garbage.

    If anybody says anything about you taking other people's green waste you could always start knocking on the door to ask for permission first or just leave a note on their door that says you took it.