Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Illusion of Money part III

What is the solution? Our introductory blog post entitled "Beginning" poses two questions:

1) How do we teach our children to be happy, healthy, peaceful, and content in today's world?
2) How do we learn to live our own lives this way so that we can teach by example?

I believe I have always known the answer, and I believe I know it now, but those inclinations have lain dormant in my mind for so many years because I was just a kid yesterday myself. I didn't know what to believe.

Here is a quote from the book The Ecological Health Garden by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, co-founder of the International Biogenic Society:

True peace of mind, enjoyment of the great works of literature and music, complete appreciation of spiritual truths, the creation of worth-while additions to our cultural heritage--these things are not fully attainable, if our bodies are ravaged by disease, if our nerves are disordered and if we live in constant dread that disease and death may "attack."

It is indisputable that modern living conditions in big cities are mainly responsible for the ill health, boredom, mental unbalance and lack of true spiritual life which afflict contemporary man. There is an obvious--and practical--way out: individual and collective return to living in small communities where social relations again become meaningful and where the family can regain economic independence and control over the production of the main part of its food supply and other basic necessities.

This is to be our sobering up period after years of indulging in the plastic excesses of an overly wealthy society. This is to be our new game.

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