Sunday, May 24, 2009


Cameron says...

Today is Sunday, but I like to call it Foodday, because on Sunday, I like to experiment guessed it...FOOD! I am sprouting some wheat berries to make Zarathustra Bread (sprouted wheat berries ground into dough and baked--that's it!). I tried this once before, and I don't think I got the berries soft enough before grinding and/or I didn't stick with the grinding long enough. Anyway, I'm at that one again. I also read up on how to sprout seeds as a for food source at a really great website, And, last but certainly not least, I made cheese today! I found a cool website, --"A video recipe blog for people who love food and fun." It's like an on-demand internet cooking show! Scratch that--it's not LIKE an on-demand internet cooking show. It IS an on-demand internet cooking show. Anyway, I followed the recipe, and much to my delight, it worked! I always think really big, but when it comes down to it, I lose faith in myself a lot. I was really astounded when seeds I planted in my garden actually began to grow! And today I was very excited when the vinegar and lemon juice I stirred into my hot milk actually began to cause the milk to curdle and I had curds and whey staring me in the face! I had a little help from an angel, though. Pictures below.

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